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Takht-e Soleyman – a spiritual journey – 2/5

September 12, 2010

Takht-e Soleyman – a spiritual journey

No: 28

We left the groceries at the house and hastily made our way towards the site of Takht-e Soleyman, It was about 4.30 pm and the sun was setting fast behind the clouds in the horizon and we wanted to be at the side of the lake in Takht-e Soleyman at sunset. The heavy overcast sky provided us with more than we had wished for a fantastic and a mysterious display of the sun’s rays playing through the clouds.

No: 29

I will just describe what I felt during the afternoon visit and I will leave the historical description of the site to the next section – our next morning visit.

The road leading to the Takht-e Soleyman takes one to the base of the southern wall on top of the platform. A large crowed of crows greeted us, I felt as if we were greeted with the soles of dead, In some ancient religions the crow had a  very special place, things moved so fast I did not have time to take a picture

No: 30

So I had to settle for a picture of a small herd of cows of no significance now (but once a very scared animal in ancient Hindu and Zoroastrian religion) guided by a very young shepherd. I was just wondering how it would have felt to be so near the holiest of the holiest places 1500 years ago. In the Sassanid period there was a large settlement to the south east of the Takht-e  Soleyman as well as another large settlement on the north western side, perhaps if the south eastern was a poor quarter we would have probably made it so far

No: 31

The sun and the clouds had started their display of light and shapes

No: 32

Takht-e Soleyman has two entrances one on the northern side, the main entrance, that is not used today, and the south eastern entrance, currently the entrance to the site is through the southern wall, we drove to a little parking just below the wall than took the paved footpath to the site

No: 33

To the north of footpath is the old southern gate with what is left of two towers on the sides

No: 34

The water flowing out is the one of the two streams carrying the lakes over flow. The stream due to sedimentation in some areas has raised its bed a few meters and the raised path is now a day’s called dragon by the locals.

takht-e soleyman lake deep green set against ever changing colors of the sky

No: 35

The deep green color of the lake set against the ever changing colors of the evening sky is the first thing that caches the eye  on entering Takht-e Soleyman’s platform

No: 36

Then there are the people transfixed in different poses lost in a spiritual trance, some chanting to themselves, some believe that the planet earth has several chakras and Takht-e Soleyman is one of chakras

No: 37

Just frozen in a respectful half bowing jester, as if seeing and talking to someone, as if in another world, frozen in time, lost to the world

No: 38

The sky is doing what it can to complete the cerography

No: 39

A duet mezmerized by the feel of the moment

No: 40

Frozen in a spontaneous trance for an hour, tiered, sits down, facing the breeze and the sunset, but does not want to let go

No: 41

What is the suns message?

No: 42

The girl is now but a little shadow being swallowed by the darkness

But still hanging on

No: 43

A group of young people preparing to interact with the moment

No: 44

The view of the ancient 3000 year place of worship (Zendan-e Soleyman) in the background

No: 45

The sky seams to sense the moment

No: 46

Suddenly there is a great column of a light

No: 47

Everybody is just transfixed; perhaps they heard the whisper

No: 48

The day is over

No: 49

View of twin peaks of Takht-e Belghas, far left, with a small lake in between the peaks in spring. It is getting chilly and could, time to go home

No: 50

View of Takht-e Soleyman after sun set from near the village

No: 51

And flight of crows over the village of Nou kandi (new village) started our spiritual tour of  Takht-e Soleyman with welcome flight crows and it is also ending with a flight of crows


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