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Shushtar – 2 (and dezful)

July 4, 2010

No: 23

We asked a few locals where two foreign to the city (gharib) could eat and they said with a very open face and a smile “our house of course” a very nice gesture (ta-rof), but after some consultation among themselves, we were directed to the restaurant museum

No: 24

The restaurant was an old house in the process of being renovated

No: 25

We had an excellent Qormeh Sabzi in an air-conditioned room

No: 26

The restaurant had grand view of the river and a very large Sassanid over flow dam/bridge named bande kaisar (wire) after the Roman Emperor Valerian whose army built the weir about ago (300AD) after being defeated by Persians using Roman engineering knowhow. The dam bridge in spite of all tear is still, in parts, standing, amazing

No: 27

The East side of the bridge not having been away from the main body of the water is in relatively in much better shape than the middle part , the bridge is 500 meters long and has 50 arches

No: 28

The middle part of the dam-bridge, that took the main force of water, is in poor shape but amazingly, in spite of hundreds years of neglect, parts of it are still standing,

No: 29

Strange structure where the bridge ends on west bank,

No: 30

And the locales fishing as they did 1700 years ago with adidas shoes and shirts

No: 31

Small theater staged, for staging religious play in the evening

No: 32

And we are 0ff to Dezful another 60 kilometers or so in hot dusty afternoon, fortunately the cars excellent air-conditioning never let us down.   There is the remains of a bridge built by the army of Roman Emperor Valerian dating to 300 AD, it is believed that the bridge was built over a much older Elamite bridge? There are also a number of water mills also dating to the same period 300 AD. Dezful means dezj (fort) pol (bridge), this name was given to this city because there used to be a castel grading the entrance of the bridge to the city, of which no trace has remained, but the area is still called Ghal-eh (castel)

No: 33

Present day Dezful is just another clean, sleepy, mainly two story brick buildings, town, we just had time to look at the water land, and recreation Water Park built behind a small water gate, a properly thought-out, pleasant public recreation area, very pleasant in hot summer months

No: 34

Men are allowed with swimming trunks, the females are also allowed of course with full covering

No: 35

Cool clear clean water,

No: 36

On a hot day

No: 37

Very tempting

No: 38

We had no time for other sites in Dezful

No: 39

IF we wanted to see the acropolises in Susa we had to go

No: 40

Lovely cool water, in this part of world water is everything

Other places of interest in defuel (an interesting little site of Dezful Municipality):


The Old City of Jondi Shapoor

Agha Mir Room

Dezful “Old Bridge”

Karkheh Old Bridge (Pol-e-Ghadeem-e-Karkheh)

Raana or Roo-band Water Mills

Upper and Lover Galleh Gah Water Mills


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